This is a small cast iron stove in classic design, there are three different versions available. Now approved for wood burning in smoke controlled zones. Models 350710, 350711 and 350794 only.

    •    Clean burn cast iron stove with air wash system that keeps the glass clean. See "Manual" for further information
    •    Stove with multi-fuel grate that allows other fuels besides wood to be burned. Se manual "Manual F 100 USA" for further information
    •    Special Edition version of No. 2 in Black paint with a plain door
See "Manual" for further information
    •    Surface in maintenance free blue-black enamel, or black paint
    •    Enamel surface simplicifies the maintenance, prevents rusting and preserves the ongoing appearance year after year
    •    Flue outlet on top and rear

Technical data for Jøtul F 100

    •    Finish Options: Matt Black Paint and Blue-black enamel
    •    Heat Output: Min 2.7 kW. Nom 5 kW.Max 7.5 kW
    •    Maximum Log Length: 400mm
    •    Flue Outlet: Top / Rear
    •    Flue Size: 125mm / 5” dia.
    •    Accessories: Multi-fuel Kit (350718), Long legs - Black Paint and  Blue-Black enamel

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