Jotul F262


The Jøtul F 260 Concept has been created by the renowned design agency Hareide Design, and includes four models to choose from depending on your needs and wishes. The combustion properties of these woodstoves are world-class, with very low emissions and an efficiency of 83% even at an output of 3 kW. The woodstoves are easy to position because of small clearance requirements – only 10 cm from combustible.
For the majority of woodstoves, the soapstone is placed on the “exterior” of the stove. However, for the Jøtul F 260 Concept, the designer has made the soapstone an elegant feature of the overall form of the stove in order to give an impression of “completeness and a purity of style”.

    •    Easily accessible companion set located on the inside of the base door
    •    Well-suited to corner locations
    •    User-friendly, with just one valve controlling both the ignition air source and the primary airflow
    •    Ash riddling solution is standard
    •    Kit for connection to an external air supply provides closed combustion (optional extra)
    •    Fan for rapid heat distribution (optional extra)

Technical data for Jøtul F 262 & Jøtul 262 S

    •    Material: Cast iron
    •    Finish: Black paint
    •    Max log length: 33 cm
    •    Weight: 160 kg
    •    Weight, soapstone set: 60 kg
    •    Weight, steel sides: 20 kg
    •    Weight, soapstone top (optional extra): 20 kg
    •    Nominal heat output: 5 kW
    •    Flue outlet: Top, rear

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