Riva Avanti

The glass-fronted Riva Avanti gas fire is an efficient convector - available in Riva 53 and 67 formats.

The portrait-shaped Riva 53 features a driftwood-effect fire whilst the Riva 67 is landscape with an authentic log-effect fire. Both Riva models have the built-in comfort of adjustable heat and flames to exactly suit your mood. There are also balanced flue versions for homes without a chimney.

Riva 53 frame: Black/vertical curve in stainless steel.

Riva 67 frame: Black/horizontal curve in stainless steel.

Riva Avanti - Key Facts

      Chimney options
Fire choices Heating efficiency Heat output (kW) 1 2 BF
Riva 53 72% 4.90kW Yes Yes No
Riva 53 Balanced Flue 78% 5.30kW No No Yes
Riva 67 72% 4.90kW Yes Yes No
Riva 67 Balanced Flue 75% 4.60kW No No Yes

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