Scan 62


With the Scan stoves 62 and 63 Steffen Schmelling, a leading designer of Denmark, the first time used his creativity to scan. No doubt the famous design philosophy has been the Shaker Godfather:
"Put forth nothing that is not both necessary and useful, but if it is necessary and useful, do not hesitate to make it beautiful too."

The scanner 62 has attracted interest because of its unique design and a lot of attention. Now our designer has it covered with soapstone, and thus emphasized the shape of the oven style.

    •    Clean Design
    •    Soapstone sides and top plates are available as accessories
    •    Functional door handle with unique design
    •    Placement Friendly
    •    Combustion system is standard
    •    Reorganization: current scan models may continue indefinitely, be operated on the 2024 addition, without expensive particulate filters.

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