The HotPod Unlimited

To take the Hotpod business further, we had to find a way to make more stoves to meet demand. We either had to find more Dans and somehow bring them up to speed making Hotpods from recycled gas bottles, or we had to cast them.

''Initially I didn't like the idea because it wasn't recycling. After my first visit to a foundry, I discovered I couldn't have been more wrong. Foundries, like blacksmiths have always recycled iron. Thomas Dudley foundry near Birmingham is no exception and has the largest and most fascinating scrap iron mountain I have ever seen.'' - Dan

The new Hotpod ''Unlimited'' is made from re melted brake disks, train wheels, park benches, pipes and gratings, engines and railings to name just a few things, but as you can see, it is still every inch a Hotpod (although it is a bit heavier)

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