In uncertain times it is always good to ba able to count on solid experience so as to make informed decisions. Decisions which in the home heating sector have a direct impact not only on your living environment but also on the environment at large and last but not least on your pocket.

At Cumbria Firpelaces and Stoves, whatever the heating solution you are considering, our aim is to provide the right advice, knowledge and skill to make the selection of your heating appliance as easy as possible.

Our team will provide you with honest, straight forward answers to your questions and once you have finished we will start with a list of our own. For example “How big is the space you are wanting to heat?
Why? Because a room heating appliance needs to be of the correct output to heat the room and this is calculated on size. It is our job to tell you that and much more.

Our recommendations are 100% personnalised, based on each individual’s circumstances and it is for this reason that a free home survey is part and parcel of the consultation process, for this reason we strongly recommend that you visit our showroom or failing that pick up the phone and discuss your requirements.


Our free in house survey puts us in a position to be able to advise on all asPects of the fitting job and as such we are in a position to design stove installations from simple fireplace fittings to complete new double skin insulated flue systems and advise you exactly what you''ll need for the job of installing your stove and how much it will cost.
All our fitters are HETAS registered and have many years of experience behind tham.

Whatsmore we have a trusted group of builders with whom we work regularly and on whom we know we can rely to cover any structural work that might be necessary prior to the installation.

This way when we arrive at your home to fit, we arrive complete with everything necessary to install your new stove and knowing that the building work - where necessary - has been completed prior to that date by trusted workmen.

All in all what we offer is a high quality service that allows you to enjoy your new acquisition from day one.


The air that the fire uses to create its flames is drawn from inside your living room and waste products are expelled up the chimney or specialized system that can be installed should you house not have a chimney.
Officially, a chimney does not need to be lined if it is inspected by an approved chimney sweep and they confirm it is safe to use. The certificate they leave will mean it is signed off for only 1 year, as it must be checked at least every 12 months. Chimneys can pass one year and not the next after a solid fuel appliance is installed.

We advise customers to install a stove with a liner because it makes the stove draw better and reduced the chance of down draft issues.
By installing a liner you are creating a sealed flue system that the smoke can easily and safely pass through the chimney up to the chimney pot.

You also have the peace of mind that the liner will have a guarantee of 10 years or 20 years, often lasting longer than this if regularly swept in line with the manufacturers recommendations.

Our HETAS registered chimney specialists will complete a site survey to work out the best route, correct sizing to enable the flue to draw properly. Our considerations are the height of the building, geographical conditions, the appliance and Section J of Building Regulations. Access for installing the system with minimal disruption will also be noted on the survey.